From the creators of Rock Band & Dance Central comes FUSER a nonstop virtual music festival where you control the music! Combine elements of the world’s most popular songs to create your own sound or partner with friends on epic collaborations, then share your amazing mixes and headlining performances with the world!

Fuser adds one useful trick you might expect from a digital DJ platform: a “cue” system. Use this to assemble a quartet of musical elements “on deck,” then tap a button to transition the current mix into the new one. You can either have them all switch over instantly, or you can ask Fuser to turn on a “smart riser,” which switches the key and tempo to emphasize an element in the new mix. (You can also manually fudge with the key and tempo at any time.

Title: FUSER
Genre: Casual
Developer: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc
Publisher: NCSOFT
Franchise: FUSER





    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit) or Newer (64 bit) Windows OS
    • Processor: 8 Core Custom AMD 1.75 MHz or Core i5-4690 series
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system